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  • 3D Objects

    1.Open your design store
    Opening a store and listing products is free. Choose your store name, user access details and submit the form. Thats all! We will verify the account data and activate your account.
    2. Upload your best designs
    Choose your best designs that you want to share on Praroop. Tell a story using best quality pictures, detailed description, videos etc. We will review the quality of your CAD design and product data. Once approved, the design will be shown in the store along with our pricing.
    3. Share your talent
    Share your store with friends, family, and anyone you think can be interested to knwo about your store. Why to be shy! You are sharing your talent with them. Please ensure that you respond to their questions, messages etc. Keeping customers engaged is the best way to monetize creativity.
    4. Enjoy hasslefree earning
    We pay you royalty for every product sale. The royalty percentage can vary based on various parameters including the design quality for print. We will take care of marketing, pricing and all the hassle. You focus on desing, we market your latent

sample-banner sample-banner UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN

Have an idea? Upload the CAD and our customer executive will get back to you. We also entertain sketch and make CAD for you. 

sample-banner sample-banner OPEN A DESIGN STORE

Are you a CAD designer? Monetize your talent. Open a design store and get rewarded for your talent. 

sample-banner sample-banner DISCOVER and CUSTOMIZE

Browse through our wast catalogue and choose unique designs. Feel free to contact us if you want to customize/ personalize the objects

sample-banner sample-banner OWN A PRINTER

Do you print frequently or have a business? It is a perfect time for you to think about optimizing cost. Checout our printers and accessories collection.