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FabX 3D printer


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Quick Overview

The FabX is the most affordable and high quality desktop 3d printer manufactured in India. With a build volume of 100 cubic mm and industry grade mechanics, the FabX surpasses all other desktop 3D printers.

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The FabX is a Mean beast when it comes to performance. Powering the XY gantry is a super-precise coreXY mechanism, consisting of HiWin miniature series rails and blocks. Adding more power is an all-powerful Budaschnozzle. It just melts and extrudes everything that goes in. The powerful array of heatsinks on the Budaschnozzle contains the heat of the hot end to the hot end only.

The FabX boasts of the most easy to remove build plate mechanism. With tiny powerful neodymium magnets embedded into the build plate, just sits where it has to and comes out when you want it to.

The FabX is a killer when it comes to looks. Boasting an 'X' shaped design, this machine makes your work bench look totally futuristic. With so much going in, the machine still maintains it's compactness and weighs only 5.5Kg.

The FabX has been designed with one primary motive - Taking 3D Printing to the masses, especially to make technology more affordable to the next generation.

  1. Value for Money

FabX is the most affordable desktop 3D printer available in India. The cost optimization comes without any compromise on the quality. This is the reason FabX throws every other desktop 3D printer out of competition.  


  1. What can you do with this product


Imagination is the only limit. FabX gives you all the features you can expect from a normal desktop 3D printer. A build volume of 100 X 100 X 100 mm and industry grade mechanics makes it competent to print all sorts of 3D printable CAD designs.


  1. What is included with this product

12 months warranty card

Watch the printer in action:





Print Volume (X, Y, Z)

100 x 100 x 100

Print thickness (mm)


Resolution (microns)


Error/ deviation (mm)


Filaments supported

PLA, Flexible, T Glass, Wood

Hot Bed


Filament Diameter (mm)


Nozzle diameter (mm)


Print Head


Print Speed

30 - 100 mm/ sec

Printing capability

Single color

Build Platform


Electricity Input


Number of extruders


Power need

70 Watts

Interface media supported



Arduino 2560

Software for print


CAD file support

.STL / .gcode

User system OS





Product and Shipping Info


Product Specifications

Choose Color Black
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