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EaScan Professional 3D scanner


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Quick Overview

EaScan is one of the professional scanners with features such as non-contact, auto alignment, high efficiency, high precision and long lifetime. The scanner is best fit for sculptures, toys, Jewelry and small moldes. The camera best supports the scannable objects of size 50mm~1500mm

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EaScan 3D Scanner share the features of Shining 3D scanners, like non-contact, auto alignment, high efficiency, .high precision, long lifetime and high stability. The camera best supports the scannable objects of size 50mm~1500mm

Perfect for models of type:

  • Small molds,
  • plastic products,
  • shoe last and soles mold, sculpture,
  • artifacts,
  • toy,
  •  Tooth,
  • jewelry design,
  • core carving,
  • fine pieces design



Product Specifications

User support via phone or email
Delivery detail 45-60 Days lag time
Speed <5 second (for the singe scan area of 100mm×80mm (200mm×150mm)
Scan method White light and non-contact
Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixels (2.0/3.0/5.0 Mega upgradable)
Power need 450 Watts
Scan export formats AC, ASC, STL
Accuracy 0.16mm
Colored Output(Yes/No) Yes
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