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Praroop means Replica. As the name suggests, Praroop is a 3D printing platform providing one stop solution to all your needs around the process of replication or prototyping . The platform currently provides scan, design and print services along with printing supplies.

3D printing is still not very common in India and in many other countries, especially in the developing world. With Praroop, we want to bring all the good initiatives together and bridge the gaps in current 3D printing market in India. We believe in consolidating the efforts put together by 3D printing community to make people aware about this disruptive technology and how it can change their lives.

Our mission is to bring the digital and the physical worlds together and solve the complex physical world problems using modern digital capabilities.

We realize the immense capability of Indian youth in the area of software and designs. Since ages the country has been known for its design capabilities and now the knowledge of digital media is empowering youth come up with amazing digital designs and concepts.

We want the designer community to unleash their creativity and come up with unique ideas for products and earn royalty as a token of appreciation. Thanks to the 3D printer making initiatives, we are able to bring these designs to life and help people make their lives better.  

We provide unique services to help anyone with creative idea to bring it to reality using our 3D CAD designing and 3D printing capabilities. Our platform Praroop also provides all kinds of print supplies (including 3D printers and scanners) for hobbyist and manufacturers. 

The world is moving from mass manufacturing to personalized manufacturing. We understand ‘one shoe does not fit all’. What can be a better way of personalization than 3D printing!

Join us and enjoy our unique services to unleash your creativity.


To all of you, from all of us at - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Praroop Team
A group of enthusiasts

sample-banner sample-banner UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN

Have an idea? Upload the CAD and our customer executive will get back to you. We also entertain sketch and make CAD for you. 

sample-banner sample-banner OPEN A DESIGN STORE

Are you a CAD designer? Monetize your talent. Open a design store and get rewarded for your talent. 

sample-banner sample-banner DISCOVER and CUSTOMIZE

Browse through our wast catalogue and choose unique designs. Feel free to contact us if you want to customize/ personalize the objects

sample-banner sample-banner OWN A PRINTER

Do you print frequently or have a business? It is a perfect time for you to think about optimizing cost. Checout our printers and accessories collection.